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Glitter Tattoos are different and fun! What we hear most often is how excited people are to have a different option in entertainment for their parties. We hear constantly that people have never seen these before and they are so impressed by the tattoos that they come back to get one each time we have an event!

Parties - The Glitter Tattoos are a great form of entertainment for any type of party. We have done birthday parties for all ages. We have so many different designs to choose from, customers are so excited that they have such a variety of designs to choose from and they can pick what colors they want and where they want their colors to go. The tattoos often end up being the hit of the party and the cool thing is, that people will still be talking about your party days after its over, simply because they will still have their tattoo!


Girls Nights in & Clubbers – Whether you are having the girls around for a night of fun and laughter, or you are all going clubbing for a night, Glitterbugz would be the ideal way to stand out from the crowd with our UV tattoos.

Trade Shows - You can certainly book GlitterBugz to attract customers to your booth. At any event that we attend, we always have a large crowd either getting tattoos, or watching those who are getting a tattoo. It is a great way to draw a crowd to your booth to introduce them to your product.


Local Events, Fetes & School Events - Glitter Tattoos are temporary. Sometimes when you hear the word tattoo, there is a fear that there is some sort of permanency about them. This is not the case with glitter tattoos and what makes them so wonderful. They are also great because they do last longer than just a day. There is no fear of it immediately coming off when you take a shower, or step out in the rain, but they are also easy to remove when you are ready to take them off. We know some schools do not allow tattoos to be visible and we have done quite a few tattoos for school children on their arms, so that they can wear long sleeves to school, yet still enjoy having their tattoo. We are available for any type of school event from carnivals, to sporting events, to classroom activities, dances, after-proms, fund-raising events and so much more.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or any questions that you may have regarding GlitterBugz Glitter Tattoos at your event. 

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